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Thread: wxpn Philadelphia plays Woodstock @88.5 fM

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    wxpn Philadelphia plays Woodstock @88.5 fM

    Sorry so late but I just got home and can't post from my phone.

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    Thanks for this heads up. I rarely listen to this station because I can't stand their usual playlists, with the exception of Stars End and Echoes. They are good at this type of themed programming. I'll be tuning in on and off over over the next few days.

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    Thanks! Keef Hartley is playing right now and they really pack a punch. These guys should have hit it big based on Woodstock. But apparently their manager thought it was a brilliant idea to not let them put their music on the album or in the film??!

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    ^Halfbreed is a terrific album. Funnily enough I've seen a few people saying how good their set was after all! A major management misstep.

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    I've been listening to each song individually in the order they were played on and off since yesterday and I'm a bit ahead of XPN's "as it happened" schedule. Some of the performances I'd never gotten around to seeing/hearing. I was very taken with Sly and the Family Stone's performance. Tremendous energy. I've not been exposed to them live before.
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