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Thread: Strange Changes and Valence Play ProgDay 25!

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    Strange Changes and Valence Play ProgDay 25!

    Strange Changes and Valence Play ProgDay 25!

    ProgDay 25 is happy to announce main stage performances by STRANGE CHANGES and VALENCE.



    Strange Changes is an eclectic genre-pushing rock band comprised of musicians from the Boston music scene. Founded in 2008 by frontman Tom Dowd, the band boldly mixes elements of American popular music with classical, jazz, metal, and more, creating music in the tradition of the great American pop composers Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus. Balancing high-level improvisation with*tight arrangements and a free-spirited approach to the great tradition of*American music, from moment to moment there’s no telling where*SC is headed next.



    "...a relentlessly intricate and unpredictable—yet remarkably unified and welcoming—bit of wordless storytelling that will captivate fans of progressive rock."

    "If you love some of the acrobatic, complex, and heavy material of current acts like Scale the Summit, Between the Buried & Me, and Animals as Leaders, this is a band you need to check out"

    Formed in 2010, progressive metal fusion quartet VALENCE fuses metal, jam, classical, and jazz music, while incorporating influences from contemporary instrumental progressive metal, experimental metal and heavy rock. The band will be featuring material from their new 2019 release, Cognitive Dissidents.


    Join STRANGE CHANGES, VALENCE, MIKE KENEALLY with ANDY WEST, FARMHOUSE ODYSSEY, US TODAY, ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI, IZZ and MÖRGLBL at ProgDay 25, the twenty-fifth edition of ProgDay. ProgDay is a two day outdoor festival of progressive rock. ProgDay 25 will take place on Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1, 2019, at Storybook Farm in the countryside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    For more information, please visit us at

    To hear music from this year’s bands, please visit the ProgDay Music Page (



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    You have the same musicians listed for both bands. This might not be correct.

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    Ephemeral Sun - because I gotta do something about these boxes of CDs in the basement:

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    So good to me! As per usual I am not listening to any of the bands samples. ProgDay always does well in bringing at least one, if not more, bands that seriously get my attention. Looking quite forward to yet another year.... indeed!

    Carry On
    Chris Buckley

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    Alllrighty then! It's a weekend.
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    Seriously looking forward to this year's event. All three alumni are acts I enjoy, and I'm grateful to Michael and team for alerting me to Farmhouse Odyssey. I'm totally digging their albums. Will have to check out some of the others I'm not familiar with, but based on descriptions it should be another balanced lineup of acts touching on various styles of music.


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