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    SourceCodeX here ...
    Hello everyone. I am a progressive rock multi-instrumentalist and ambient soundscapes artist. I also created to support the artists many, many years ago. My music is at Cdbaby, iTunes, Bandcamp and elsewhere. I am also a sci-fi, fantasy and horror author. Check out my fiction at Amazon. Search "Priestess of Nycrama". Fans of HP Lovecraft will enjoy this romp through dimensions. Well that is enough about me. Ciao.

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    Welcome. I remember visiting eer-music in the early days of my www-adventures, especially because - if I remember correctly - there was a review of the Neverwasneverwillbe-album by Soma on it. Too bad that album never happened officially (even not after a misfortuned crowdfunding campaign).
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    Yeah that was a great release. The late Allan Holdsworth really stretched on his guest solos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceCodeX View Post
    Yeah, I have that one (on CD) since 1992. Very funny, virtuoso album.
    The information about that new album on the amazon-site is a bit old now:
    Fast forward... More recently, a leaked demo CD of their current "work in progress" under the name "neverwasneverwillbe" somehow made the Top Five on a college radio airplay chart in London-based JAZZWISE Magazine... Veteran music critic Christopher Hoard has called SOMA's new recording THE NONBELIEVER'S COMEUPPANCE "more evil than anything Miles Davis ever played at the Fillmore or anything H.P. Lovecraft ever wrote in The Lurking Fear" and this time they're playing for keeps...


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