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Thread: Ben Johnston-Composer of microtonal music-RIP

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    Ben Johnston-Composer of microtonal music-RIP

    Ben Johnston, who composed masterful works using microtonal techniques,has died at age 93.I first heard his work on WKCR-FM in NYC.I post the NY Times obit of Ben Johnston.


    This is Johnston's String Quartet No.4."Amazing Grace".

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    All I’ve heard was his second string quartet, which I have on an LP featuring HPSCHD by John Cage & Lejaren Hiller on the other side.

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    Oh, jeez, no. I only learned about him maybe 2 months ago, but went out and bought much of his work- it is amazing material, notably the impossible string quartets played by Kepler. The Seventh is simply incredible- what did the article say, 1200 microtones in that and the most difficult string quartet ever written. Yet, it sounds divine.
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