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Thread: Music similar to the Chernobyl soundtrack

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    Quote Originally Posted by battema View Post
    One more if you don't mind...and this one is a bit odd.

    Serbian cult electronic musician Abul Mogard may not actually exist, but the music he makes is pretty remarkable and might fit into what you're thinking of:

    The kinda/sorta backstory:

    I'm especially fond of "Above All Dreams" and he has a remix album that will easily be in my top 10 for 2019 (even features Brian Eno vocals on one tune):
    I don't mind at all!

    And I can I not be intrigued with all of this? thanks again
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    something happened there a while back??

    my music collection increased tenfolds when I switched from heroin-addicts to crazy ones

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    More in the ambient noise-vein is the stuff the duo NoiÇe produces: (website in Dutch, but you can click on a couple of samples to judge).


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