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Thread: Similar Female Voices

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    This amazing little EP on Bandcamp has had me rethinking my OP! Have a listen, and give it a chance. The “band” name is great too. Only four bucks but I gave them a fiver.

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    This morning I was listening to an interview with some female singer/songwriter, and when she started singing her voice sounded like so many others I'v heard. Like she was forcing it a little higher than it naturally would be, and adding more warbling than a natural vibrato would have. I'm not good at describing these things, but basically I feel like she sounded like so many of the female singer/songwriter types sound these days. Has anyone else noticed this? Are male voices just as similar and I'm not realizing it?

    I just feel like there's a type of female singing voice I hear over and over, and I'm not really fond of it. I know they can't all be as unique as Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell, but... Know what I mean? It may of course also be what most people want these days, I don't know.
    I think I know the type of voice you are talking about.

    It seems to me, like they are trying to sing with extreme, forced emotion, and it comes off sounding overwrought.

    They tend to add, what sounds to me, like an artificial gravely aspect, and they make their voices break and crack in an unnatural way.

    I hate to say it, but many of them are doing this (IMO), to cover for the lack of a modicum of: range, intonation, power, ability to sing out of their chest, etc.
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    Given the name, Skullcrusher's music was not what I expected.
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