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Thread: Progstock 2019 Bands- Where Do I Begin?

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    Progstock 2019 Bands- Where Do I Begin?

    I will be attending my first Progstock this fall. Would everyone be willing to recommend good albums to try to get a feel for this years bands? Please suggest CDs as if I know nothing about any of the bands. Thanks in advance.

    Library Jon

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    Well, Phideaux's show will focus-I've heard-on his trilogy of albums the new INFERNAL, DOOMSDAY AFTERNOON and THE GREAT LEAP.

    I think 3.2 will do stuff from their new/only album but I'd imagine they will touch upon the 3 stuff with Emerson & Palmer as well as some classic ELP.

    Saga? Who knows? WORLDS APART is their big one that people remember from the radio and MTV but they've got loads of albums so anything can happen.

    If any of the other bands have new albums I'd assume they will play a bunch of that.

    Beyond that I'm not sure what to expect or recommend but I'm sure someone else might.

    One thing I do if I'm ok with spoiler alerts is check out recent set lists from and that way I'm not totally in the dark for most of a band's set list.


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