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Thread: Nick Drake Documentary "A Skin Too Few"

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    Nick Drake Documentary "A Skin Too Few"

    Stumbled on to this on Youtube, extremely well done and a compelling view. Actually never been a big fan of Nick's but he was an extraordinary guitarist. After watching I promptly ordered an anthology of his stuff on Amazon (cheap, too!).

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    I'll need to watch this. Thanks for the post.
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    Saw this film on tv when it was aired the first time. When you're interested: it was released on DVD as part of the re-release of Fruit Tree in 2007.

    More information on this film:

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    Although not as tender as this documentary, the DVD "Nick Drake - Under Review" (2007) is also well worth searching for.
    (couldn't find part 1)

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    Thanks for sharing. Man, what a loss


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