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Thread: New Album: Pattern-Seeking Animals(Spock's Beard members)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilcox660 View Post
    Why did Elizabeth Berkley make Showgirls?

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    If you want to know more about the band, here's an interview with John Boegehold (sorry, no transcript for this one, just the audio) which explains why the band was created with this lineup and much more:

    And here's an album review:

    Bottom line: very similar to John's songs that he wrote for Spock's...with some different keyboard sounds than Ryo uses, and without the frenetic guitar of Alan Morse. Spock's album "The Oblivion Particle" features the most Boegehold-written songs, and I think that's a very close comparison. It's a solid album. Reportedly the second album (which they're already recording) will get a bit further away from the Spock's sound.

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    I listened to the above YT clip all of about a minute before going to HDTracks, and using the discount code July12HD to get 20% off the 24/96 download. BTW: the code us good until 11:59PM EDT tonight.
    Well, crap! I didn't know about that site. I asked about a FLAC download on the band's Facebook page but was told that it was in work but not ready yet. I bought it on MP3 from Amazon instead. It sounds good, but I would have preferred FLAC.
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    Many hard to find CDs (mostly prog)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyryab View Post
    Which strengthens my belief that D'Virgilio's departure was probably a harder blow to SB than Neal Morse's. (Now I am the only one who has this opinion in the universe...)!
    No, you're not.


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