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Thread: Emerson Lake & Palmer Tribute playing again in the UK...

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    Emerson Lake & Palmer Tribute playing again in the UK...

    Hi Folks,

    It's that time again, Noddy's Puncture - ELP tribute are playing at the Ukrainian Club in Rochdale, UK on Saturday 31st August.

    Please order tickets from the gig page on our website:

    Hope to see some of you there this time...!?


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    Congrats on your gig. I am going to close your other thread because we only allow one post on the forum at a time to advertise. As far as people from PE not attending, please keep in mind it's an international forum that discusses all kinds of topics, not just British Prog from the 70s. And also that only a fraction of participants on PE live in the UK. Your gig is also outside of London and has no support of a larger act. With all that said, it might explain why this thread and others you have posted have not generated into attendants for your gigs.

    If I may, if you don't already, you may want to look into posting on Facebook to generate interest - be it ELP fan pages or music scene pages near your locale. Good luck!
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