Depending on whether Brexit makes it harder to come and go, this might be my last UK solo tour-let:

11: Brighton, The Evening Star, with Xylitol. Info:

13-14: Salisbury: attending the Alphabet Business Convention, not as a performer but I reckon no one will mind if I strum a tune or two in a nearby pasture, grove or graveyard etc.

15: Salisbury: Special private event, not allowed to say am I.

16: London, The Harrison, with Valve and Bing Selfish.

19: London: The Others Bar, with Bing Selfish, Hibiki Ichikawa, and BIG SPECIAL headliner we arenít allowed to mention yet!

21: Guest on The Other Rock Show.

22: Glasgow, The Hug and Pint, with Big Hogg and Snout.