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Thread: Question for Audio engineers

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    Question for Audio engineers

    Hey all...Question for any of my fellow audio engineers out there...Iím working with a vocal track that sounds fine by itself, but in the mix it sounds muddy. If I try to brighten it up with EQ, either by adding high end or removing low end, it starts to sound thin and harsh. If I try to soften that up with effects (reverb, delay, etc) it sounds boxy. No amount of EQ on the effect seems to help. Iíve never run into this problem to this extent before. Any suggestions?
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    It's usually much better to start by cutting frequencies before trying to boost them. That is a general rule of thumb. Also, look at whatever else you have going on in the mix and cut frequencies that are occupying the same space as the vocals. Cuts should start by being subtle - no more than -3db. 300 ~ 400Hz is often a culprit, so start by cutting a little bit in that range.

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    Thanks for the input!

    I'm not sure if I've checked that out or not...I've probably watched hundreds of tutorial videos over the years...But I'll for sure check it out now! Can't have too much knowledge at your disposal!
    Thanks again!
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    I'm not sure, but perhaps you can do the equaliser on the instrumental parts and not so much on the vocals.

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    Thsts my plan for today! Thanks! 🙂

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    I have a really crazy suggestion if all else fails..redo the vocal track with a different mic.
    Or just do a couple of bars instead of wasting time doing the entire track over and compare to the original.
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    Solo the vocal track and make sure it was properly recorded.
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    Tweaking the attack and release for the compression on the vocal track can go a long way to making is sound less muddy.
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    Try an Aural exciter. boost at the midrange freq's (800-1300) see if that does the trick. You cant use it on everything, but Voice, you can.
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    Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I think I have finally gotten it fixed, thanks to a lot of creative suggestions from others and some perseverance.
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