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Thread: Jefferson Starship 1974-1978

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarGeek View Post
    Actually, I believe I read it was David Crosby who gave Paul that nickname. He also called Grace The Chrome Nun, which is where that album title came from.
    Ooopss, you are right about The Baron and The Nun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trane View Post
    I mean, after about half the Frisco scene and almost everyone in the Airplane (except Balin), she fucked a German descendant (Kantner) and had a kid with him, and yet she still made fun of him by imitating a grotesque accent and naming the father of her child Baron von Tollbooth. One could probably pass over those pettiness anecdote, if she didn't have the nastyness about the rest.
    Crying-laughing over here!


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    Loved two of their tracks, Ride the Tiger and Fast Buck Freddy from Dragonfly and Red Octopus respectively. Back in the 70's, Craig Chaquico got a lot of accolades from the guitar mags. I remember him being a big Carvin endorser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarplyrjvb View Post
    Back in the 70's, Craig Chaquico got a lot of accolades from the guitar mags. I remember him being a big Carvin endorser.
    That came later, in the 80's. I think he used Gibsons in the 70's, then in the early 80's, he used a few different makes of guitar. I remember seeing him in ads for both BC Rich and Carvin in the early 80's. If you watch the circa Modern Times and Winds Of Change videos, he used a few different guitars: a pink BC Rich Mockingbird (which I think was his main axe, at the time), a Carvin doubleneck (as seen in the Find Your Way Back video), and in at least one of the videos (Out Of Control, I think), he's also playing a Dean. I remember when he was interviewed in Guitar Player in 81 or 82, those were the three American guitar companies he thought was building quality instruments at the time.

    Then later, he started those butt ugly Carvin...what was the model? The V-220, or something like that? He had one with a curly maple body and a Kahler tremolo, and I think he also had at least a couple others he was seen playing in some of the videos. And then at some point, he started playing a different Carvin model, which had a more Strat style body.

    Oh yeah, and he also used Carvin amps during that era. I remember those Carvin catalogs featured a lot of people who I only remember seeing using Carvin gear in their catalogs. Like I remember one had people like Snowy White, Rick Nielsen, Lita Ford, Alex Lifeson, etc, all posing with Carvin guitars. Chaquico was about the only person who actually seemed to be seen anywhere else playing their guitars. And he, Vai, and Frank Zappa were about the only rock guitarists I remember reading about using their amps (oh, and Dweezil used one on his first album, too).


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