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Thread: Starcross Music asks a favor

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    Starcross Music asks a favor

    Hey all,
    I hate to have to make this post, but it seems that once again CDBaby is reducing their quantity of stock on hand, so we are stuck with a dilemma...Either we have to pay for shipping to have some stock returned to us, (stock that they ordered and we have already paid shipping on once to send TO them) or the stock will be destroyed, unless we miraculously sell a bunch of CDs before the deadline in August. SO, here we are asking for a favor. For a limited time, we have reduced the price of all physical CDs at CDbaby to just $7.99. CDBaby keeps $4 per sale, so this would reduce our cut to just $3.99...basically breaking even, but that's better than taking a loss. So if you have in the past considered making a purchase of a Farpoint or Greyfeather CD, there's no time like the present. We would be forever grateful for any help in this matter.

    Here's the link:

    In addition to Farpoint and Greyfeather, this also includes releases by my other bands, From the Morning and Mercy's Hand, as well as my acoustic guitar Christmas CD.

    Thanks in advance for any and all support!

    Kevin J
    Starcross Music
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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, there are a number of stories here in threads of artists being stuck with boxes of their band's or solo projects cds sitting in the basement.
    I don't know the business models of CDBaby or anyone else but $4 a cd sounds pretty steep, makes Spotify sound like a bargain. lol

    To me it just seems the best scenario is to pay for the shipping, it has to be cheaper than destroying them.
    Perhaps you can find more creative means of selling the cds yourselves, perhaps at gigs or some other outlet.
    I only had a few moments to check out some tuneage, and it's quite good, but I seriously doubt even at the $7.99 reduced price you will sell enough here to break even.

    I would take physical control of the cd's, it can't be that much in shipping and whatever price you get will at least be going into your pocket and not CDBaby. Even if you sell them at $5 and a couple dollars for shipping, you might be ahead of the game.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Top Cat View Post

    Good luck!
    Thank you, and thanks for your thoughts on the situation, and for giving the music a listen! I should clarify, it's not like they have a majority or even really a lot of our CDs...I do still keep most inventory at my studio and sell direct as needed. But the advantage CDBaby offers is worldwide distribution, basically making the music available everywhere. And it's also not a huge amount of product that they are looking at destroying...Honestly if I could move a handful of additional copies of each album in the next month, I'd probably be OK. But CD sales have slowed down so dramatically over the past decade, that's nowhere near a given. So I'm hopeful that the good folks here at PE can help me out.

    Anyway, thanks again for the comments and the suggestions. I truly appreciate any and all feedback!

    Kevin J
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    Many thanks to any who have made a purchase...Things are looking a little better. In fact, with the sale of probably 2 more Greyfeather CDs and maybe 3 each of Farpoint's PAINT THE DARK and COLD STAR QUIET STAR, we may get by without having to ship any stock back or have any destroyed. Again, thanks to the good folks here who have helped out. It is much appreciated!
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    Almost there, folks...Just need to move a few more copies! So I'm going to sweeten the deal a bit...If anyone in the continental US (I hate to add that but shipping charges leave me no choice really) purchases Farpoint's GRACE, COLD STAR QUIET STAR, and PAINT THE DARK, at just $7.99 each, from CDBaby before the end of July, I will mail you your choice of the remaining Farpoint CDs, either FIRST LIGHT, KINDRED, or the WATER OF LIFE live album, (or Greyfeather's debut album) at no charge to you whatsoever. So you end up with 4 CDs for just about $24.
    Just be sure to leave your name with CDBaby so I know it's you, then contact me here via Progressive Ears to let me know you made the purchase. Many thanks in advance!
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