First, let me say that I've seen this issue only with FOX and affiliated channels' (FS1, FS2, etc) streams of their cable broadcasts.

If you've ever streamed a show or movie online, you'll know that when you move the mouse pointer over the video, the player controls come up (play/pause, volume, settings, CC, full screen, etc). Once you stop moving the mouse, the controls disappear after a few seconds.

With Fox's streams, in addition to the player controls appearing, the video darkens slightly. And it stays that way as long as the pointer is over the video. Move it off the video, the controls disappear and the video brightens to normal. That's in windowed mode.

In full screen mode, even after the controls & pointer disappear, the video remains darkened. I've tried moving the pointer to various areas of the window, disabling hardware acceleration for my browser (according to one suggestion I found online) and changing mouse pointer settings, all to no avail.

I discovered a work around, which is to press the Windows button on my keyboard to bring up the taskbar. I press Esc to remove the start menu and then move the pointer over the taskbar. Problem solved. Tell me that isn't strange. The only problem is I'm watching the video with the taskbar visible the whole time. So I made the icons small and reduced the size of the taskbar so the intrusion is minimal.

But still, what is causing this? It has to be Fox's video player, doesn't it? It's really fucking annoying.