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Thread: MoeTar news: Monstrika and Raze the Maze!

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    MoeTar news: Monstrika and Raze the Maze!

    Hey everybody -

    Two new bands now exist featuring former members of your favorite prog/pop band MoeTar!

    First, there's Monstrika - Dark, heavy, and deeply curious.

    Matt Lebofsky (me) - Bass, vocals
    Matthew Heulitt - Guitar, vocals
    Jon Arkin - Drums

    Our debut show is in two weeks, opening for ProgEars favorites District 97 and Inner Ear Brigade at the Ivy Room near Berkeley, CA on June 12! Please be there! Please tell your Bay Area friends to be there! I'll post more teasers and likewise on this thread as they come available. Here's the FB show link for that:

    And then of course there's Raze the Maze led by Moe and Tar themselves, Moorea and Tarik, with guest appearances by others to fill in all the gaps. They have a new album coming, and just posted their first single:

    Ask me anything!


    - Matt

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    Good to hear Matt.

    I blame Wynton, what was the question?
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    Gotta check out the stuff. Loved your MoeTar stuff, so much so that we had Moorea sing on our last album.

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    Yes, please keep us updated Matt. Two very interesting projects, indeed.


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    Monstrika sounds like something I should hear. Do keep us updated when it comes to release time.
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    I'll be tipping over to The Ivy Room this evening for sure. Winner!

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    Great show last night! Monstrika shook the place. Matthew did a lot more on guitar in a three piece than I saw with MoeTar. I didn't realize how great Lebofsky
    is on bass, and vocals. It was great to have District 97 come visit our little local bar, The Ivy Room. They were terrific and Leslie was very nice.
    I felt a bit bad for Inner Ear Brigade as most people left after District 97, but it is a week night. They were excellent as well. I saw Moe and Tarak hanging
    and always nice to bump into my almost neighbor, Jamison Smeltz. A fine evening! Thanks to all!

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    Heard a tune recently and I think anyone that loved MoeTar will love this group as well. Compositional style is the common thread that ties them together, for obvious reasons.


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