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Thread: Debut Album Released + New Music Video!

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    Debut Album Released + New Music Video!

    Dear friends, I've just completed and released an album I've worked on for years!

    About a month and a half ago the first single came out (which I was so happy see how people on this forum were digging it!)

    Two days ago, the album was officially released along with a video which to me is the proggiest in the whole CD. at the end there's a list of all the influences. the main ones would definitely be Gentle Giant and Emerson Lake and Palmer. who else does it remind you of? I hope you enjoy this craziness.

    Some more links you may enjoy:

    The first music video
    The album as a digital / physical purchase

    Thank you <3

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    That was very enjoying! Thanks. Looking forward to hear the whole album.
    I couldn't see all the names that quickly, but I hear some Bach (as if it was played by Kit Watkins) and also some Moon Safari (especially in the Moog-solo's), although the latter comes probably more in my mind because you have the same influences as that band.

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    Excellent. Lot of talent, strong writing, musicianship and creativity going on in these songs.
    Little more jazz influence than I normally listen to, but I love the vintage keys, they sound wonderful.
    Wishing you great success.
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    Love it. Nice amount of keyboards and a beautiful bass.


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