Kinetic Element is one of those bands that does not play out much, largely due to life issues all of us have, and now compounded by the fact that our guitarist lives 3,000 miles away and can only come to us on rare occasions. We're all getting on in years and we have largely contented ourselves with making and marketing pretty darn good symphonic prog albums. BUT, we have played ROSfest (2016), Terra Incognita (2016) and Progtoberfest (2017). And we have a date at Progstock in October 2019.

So KE'S "tour" is three shows.
(1) Oct. 10 Thursday night at the South Beach Grill, Virginia Beach, VA with another band not yet named. Starting time is 8:00 p.m.
(2) Oct. 13 Sunday night at The Waiting Room, Rahway NJ, 11:30 p.m. It is the Sunday Night Late Night event of the Progstock festival. We are not on the big stage but we'll be on one at some point. We will be by ourselves for this.
(3) Oct. 14, Monday night at My Fathers' Place at the Roslyn Hotel, Roslyn NY with IZZ opening the show at 8:00 p.m. and KE going on at 9:30-ish. IZZ will be a tough act to follow! Both bands will be performing their new albums in addition to older material.
Even with only three shows we have our work cut out for us to get it rehearsed and get our asses to all three. And we invite you all to all three shows. The Long Island date is the day after the Progstock date.

The lineup now features guitarist Peter Matuchniak, who is fairly well known in the genre, having played in Gekko Project, Evolve IV, Bomber Goggles, and Steve Hackett tribute band The Steppes. We also have, from the Norfolk VA area, vocalist Saint John Coleman of the prog cover band Deja, who has done a bangup job since becoming our first vocalist member who is really committed to the 13-year-old project.
Of course, on keyboards, yours truly (Mike Visaggio), on drums Michael Murray who has been with me since the start, and on bass the thundering Rickenbacker of Mark Tupko.

We're just some old proggers who can't get rid of the bug that bit us when we were young, and in the last few years KE has gotten a fair amount of attention and critical acclaim for our work. We hope to see you in the fall these gigs.

The Facebook event links are on Mike Visaggio's FB page as well as Fans of Kinetic Element and Kinetic Element / Prog Rock Band. There is video of the band's appearances of the festivals on You Tube, just put in Kinetic Element into the search bar and you can see what you might expect even though we have had to replace two members since then.

Prog lives. It keeps us young.