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Thread: British Prog Diva Rosalie Cunningham To Release New Self-Titled Solo Album

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    British Prog Diva Rosalie Cunningham To Release New Self-Titled Solo Album

    British Prog Diva Rosalie Cunningham To Release New Self-Titled Solo Album On July 26, 2019!

    Greatly anticipated new studio solo album from Rosalie Cunningham, formerly of acclaimed band Purson.

    London - Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce a new studio album with Rosalie Cunningham. Since her celebrated band Purson played its final gig in late 2016, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Rosalie has been working on a new solo album, to showcase her talents as the visionary solo artist she always was

    As Rosalie says, “Being able to take time over arrangements without time pressures means that everything feels right, without being contrived.”

    The album features a full range of musical styles showing off to the full Rosalies incredible vocal range and playing ability and is sure to delight both old fans of Purson and hopefully many new fans.

    The self-titled album will be available both on Digipack single CD and 180 gram vinyl format on July 26th. In support of the release, Rosalie and her band will be touring the UK in July 2019 with further dates to come.

    Ride on My Bike
    Fuck Love
    House of the Glass Red
    Dethroning of the Party Queen
    Nobody Hears
    Riddles and Games
    A Yarn from the Wheel

    To pre-order:

    For more information:

    Press inquiries (North America): Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

    Distribution is being handled in the US exclusively by Amped Distribution and wholesale inquiries can be made to Alex Jimenez at

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    I had never heard of Purson and checked out some of their YT videos and they were very good at the 60's psychedelic genre, and wow what a voice Rosalie has.
    I loved the retro spirit of the music, performance, clothing and equipment they used.
    Having lived through that era in real time, I enjoyed the nostagia and the music is quite good, but I don't think I could sit through an entire album or concert listening to it anymore. Perhaps some assistance from mother nature, but alas my only vice anymore is cold beer. lol

    This solo album trailer sounds very good to me, she's a talent that in my opinion deserves more exposure.
    Reading her words describing post breakup of Purson and how she continued writing, made me think of the old adage, when one door closes another one opens up, and I think being forced into going solo allows her to express herself with greater diversity.
    There is one helluva lot of creativity from Rosalie just waiting to burst out, and this forthcoming album seems to verify that.
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