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Thread: Peter Lemer - Jet Yellow - CD with Laurie Allan, Francis Moze & Allan Holdsworth

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    Peter Lemer - Jet Yellow - CD with Laurie Allan, Francis Moze & Allan Holdsworth

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    It does look promising. Thanks for posting, else I would not have known about it.
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    Thanks for this. Art Of Life has been releasing some interesting albums, so this is a fine new one.
    Nice to have a new addition to my Holdsworth-collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interbellum View Post
    Nice to have a new addition to my Holdsworth-collection.
    I believe that Allan only plays on one track. If you find out, please confirm if true or not true.
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    Seen and bought on Amazon UK!!

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    Hmmm... I feel like I need to invest...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    I believe that Allan only plays on one track. If you find out, please confirm if true or not true.
    Based on the information on the Art Of Life-website I'm almost certain Allan is indeed only playing on one track, but as a collector of his music I have many albums on which he only appeared on one or two tracks.

    About the Music {top}
    Art of Life Records is proud to present, "Jet Yellow", by British keyboardist and composer Peter Lemer. "Jet Yellow" was recorded on May 11th & 12th, 1977 at Britannia Row Studios in London, England and mixed by Nick Griffiths. The album includes six original compositions by Peter Lemer and one song by Francis Moze, "O'Bouche", and features Peter Lemer on keyboards, Francis Moze on fretless electric bass, Laurie Allan on drums and the late great guitarist Allan Holdsworth on the song "Dognose". Analog to digital transfers in September 2017 by Justin Hill at Temple Music Studio in Sutton, England. 24-bit digital mastering by Paul G. Kohler at Art of Life Studios in Charleston, SC in April 2019. All songs previously unreleased.

    Peter Lemer is an English improvisational pianist, drawing on Jazz, Classical and World music . He worked with the Pete Lemer Quintet, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Annette Peacock, Harry Beckett, Gilgamesh, Baker Gurvitz Army, Seventh Wave, Harry Beckett's Joy Unlimited, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Mike Oldfield, Miller/Baker/Lemer, Peter Lemer Trio/Quartet and the Peter Lemer-Billy Thompson Quartet and Duo. He toured and recorded many albums with the late Phil Miller's In Cahoots and was a long-term member of Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. He is now coaching piano, improvisation, music technology as well as being actively involved in lobbying to end global hunger. He participates as Group Leader with Results UK, the premier UK citizen advocacy group to eradicate poverty globally.

    Liner Notes {top}
    We were invited by Nick Mason, via Nick Griffiths, Pink Floyd's studio engineer, to record this session as a 'warm-up' for Britannia Row Studios. At around this time Annette Peacock called me: Allan Holdsworth, Francis Moze, and a south american drummer named Solar, who had a ginormous custom-built Rogers drum kit, and myself to explore the possibilities of a new line-up - which sadly didn't get off the ground. As a result, I invited Allan to join us for the song “Dognose” and the possibilities this particular line-up opened up were, and are, unimaginable. The trio played some gigs before and after this recording and disbanded not long after.

    Laurie Allan and I had been musical chums for many years with a delightful string of bassists: John Mitchell, Jeff Clyne, Johnny Dyani, Steve Cook and others. On “Jet Yellow” we were joined by Francis Moze who brought his fluid and inventive style to the music. ~ Peter Lemer

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    B.t.w. I've seen Lemer once in 1984 when he played with In Cahoots.

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    Just got this CD (unfortunatelly the CD is housed in a simple cardboard-sleeve).
    The music sounds remarkebly fresh, knowing this was recorded 42 years ago. I guess the Britannia Row Studios were a great studio from the beginning.
    Lemer's playing reminds me of Joachim Kühn (the piano pieces) and a mix of Alan Gowen/Dave Stewart (the synth-stuff plus electric piano-playing).
    Fine compositions.
    Although I love Holdsworth work (and as I wrote: I especially bought this for his appearance), the track he's on is a bit cluttered and sounds as if it's mostly mimprovised.


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