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Thread: The 1974 Prog Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trane View Post
    So yeah, one can say that 74 was the lest one before it started declining
    Nope, 'cause nothing was declining in 1975. That year was just great for the genre.
    Someone can say that declining began in late autumn 1976, but this is also pretty questionable if we compare the number of sold copies of Wind & Wuthering LP in 1977 with Never Mind the Bollocks' "success" the same year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajaz View Post
    That concert event was the TV highlight of 1974! Just consider ELP and Deep Purple were the headliners; I remember it was split in several parts as part of the "In Concert series by Don Kirshner". It also featured: a very young and pre-mega stars Eagles, Seals & Crofts, Black Oak Arkansas and Black Sabbath. Not much prog except for ELP, but it was a gift from the heavens indeed.
    I too remember seeing this concert on TV and it was a good one.
    It was my first time to see Tommy Aldridge and I remember immediately thinking............."Why is this killer-good drummer playing in this crappy band?"
    As time passed, I was proven exactly correct.

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    A couple great ones not mentioned.

    Popol Vuh - Einsjäger und Siebenjäger

    Alusa Fallax - Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione

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    Wow, I'd always imagined that in my head that 71-73 were the best years overall for prog, but now that I'm picking favorites there's probably more from 74 in my all time list than any of those years.

    My top 10 and a rough rating for each
    King Crimson - Red (one of my favorite albums of all time)
    Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Gentle Giant - The Power and the Glory
    Henry Cow - Unrest
    King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
    Yes - Relayer
    Frank Zappa / The Mothers of Invention - Roxy and Elsewhere
    Camel - Mirage
    The Cosmic Jokers - The Cosmic Jokers
    Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom

    I love the two studio albums by Magma produced this year as well (Wurdah Itah and Kohntarkosz), but the studio recordings of the pieces don't really do justice to the music compared to the live recordings.

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    Strange how the (purported) greatness of a genre which set out to be deemed by creative standards is instead apparently judged by commercial valor.

    First, the most advanced and often most challenging rock music of the 70s was arguably conceived some time between 1975-81, by which time the main bulk of "prog" had long since gone stagnant and ceased to deliver on its creative mandate. At this point music was being made in France, Germany, the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, Northern and Latin America which moved beyond earlier efforts - and sometimes even far beyond them - naturally due to having evolved but also precisely because it took liberties completely in bliss of any commercial aspirations.

    Second, in non-Anglophone areas progressive rock actually did reach its commercial zenith during that phase - 1975-81.
    "Improvisation is not an excuse for musical laziness" - Fred Frith
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosebone View Post
    1974 was the year I got hooked.

    That was also the year California Jam was broadcast on network TV.

    Seeing Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and ELP on television was a gift from God in those days.
    Truth be told !!!!...Amen...
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    The year of my first Yesshow!
    TFTO at MSG

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    Happy the Man recorded some demos that year. They were released many years later on Beginnings.


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