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Thread: Henry Cow: The World is a Problem Book

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    Looking forward to this; Ben Piekut's other books are quite good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarlberg View Post
    If ever a band deserved an explanatory book, Cow would be it. I'm in.
    but I notice the Cow box individual discs are only 5 pounds apiece.
    this could be interesting for me, since I passed up on those three boxset (simply too much stuff I didn't care for in these type of boxes, though I diid make an exception for the AZ boxset). I had borrowed the boxsets from my library system back then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    thanks Steve.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay.Dee View Post
    Speaking of Henry Cow...

    Michel Edelin Quintet w/ special guest John Greaves - "Echoes of Henry Cow"

    1. Half the Sky (6:25)
    2. Living in the Heart of the Beast (8:01)
    3. War (4:32)
    4. After the Flood (2:42)
    5. Nursery (4:12)
    6. Ruins (10:11)
    7. Beautiful as the Moon (8:08)
    8. The Bath of Stars (2:33)
    9. Civilisation (8:27)
    10. On Suicide (1:34)

    Michel Edelin: flute, alto flute, bass flute
    Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
    Sylvain Kassap: clarinet, bass clarinet
    Stéphane Kerecki: double bass
    Simon Goubert: drums
    John Greaves: spoken words

    Recorded on September 17th and 18th 2018 by Vincent Mahey at Studio Sextan – La Fonderie, Malakoff, France
    Album concert release: May 18th 2019, 6:30 pm, Like A Jazz Machine Festival, Dudelange - Luxembourg
    Thanks, I hadn't heard of this, and I bloody missed the Luxembourg release gig/party last night. wall.gif
    Had I heard that a week ago, I'd have made plans to go (brother lives there), and next sunday Steve Hackett plays in that area next sunday. Alas, it's the Belgian national, regional & European election day.
    Is there something starting to happen also in the usually-sleepy Grand Duchy??
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    Very nice that the Vevey concert DVD is now issued separately at a very affordable price, so far it was only available as a part of the boxset. Just ordered.


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