Hello, Happy mom's day but not themed as such for this show on 5/12/19 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia on COX and Verizon. Please join us as I serve more 'A's with Ankh, Anglagard, Ange and Anekdoten and then Paul presents a good portion of the Angels & Demons That Play CD that only comes with his book. We hope you enjoy the show. Here's a playlist:

Ankh: The Trick from Expect Unexpected
Ankh: Love Supreme from Expect Unexpected
Anglagard: Hostsejd from Epilog
Ange: Le cimetiere des arlequins Title Track
Ange: Hymne A La Vie from Par Les Fils de Mandrin
Anekdoten: Where Solitude Remains from Vemod
Anekdoten: Thoughts In Absence from Vemod

Paul presents these tracks all from Angels and Demons That Play:

The Muffins: Antidote to Drydock
Chainsaw Jazz: Iranasaurus Tex
9353: The Elephant and The Swat Team
Karda Estra: Strange Relations 5
Jonathon Sindelman & Paul Sears: Larks' Tongue in Aspic II
Clearlight: Degas de La Marine
Daevid Allen Weird Quartet: Kick That Habit Man
Spirits Burning: Tripping With The Royal Family
Lobotomatic: The Wolf
Jack Dupon: Burst Balloon