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Thread: New composition for woodwinds, brass and synthesizers

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    New composition for woodwinds, brass and synthesizers

    I just finished and uploaded a new composition for Oboe, saxes, trumpets, French horns, trombones, tuba and synthesizers. It's a bit in a minimal fashion and is almost 19 minutes in lenght. It took me almost 2 months to compose it and 2 other months to make it ready for recording. I've also created sheetmusic for this piece.

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    It's really nice, thanks for sharing

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    Great work here Rarebird. Your 4 months of hard work are clearly evident in the quality of this piece. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.
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    Very nice, Renate!

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    I'm currently working on a piece for piano, I wrote in 1994, based on a composition I wrote in 1979. I never recorded it, but found the sheet-music while I was looking for the sheet-music of another composition.
    I wrote it for a violin-teacher, who also played the piano and who was an admirer of my music. He once presented me as someone who would be in the music-dictonaries between Mendelsohn and Mozart. That never happened. I'm only in a dictonary on Dutch progressive rock, I wrote some stuff on Robert Jan Stips for.


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