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Thread: Led Zeppelin Documentary to feature Page, Plant & Jones

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    Led Zeppelin Documentary to feature Page, Plant & Jones

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    Interesting. From what I've read/seen over the years, Plant is quite open and engaging in interviews about his solo stuff and other people's music, but goes into vague, elusive mode when Zeppelin crops up. Page is hard to get much out of, as far as Zeppelin goes- probably only Mick Jagger compares in 'brick wall' interview terms. I've seldom heard Jones speak at all. So there's a gap in the market!

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    I can't imagine getting much new information out of the three of them, especially on a project that required their cooperation and approval. I agree about Plant being an elusive Jagger-class interview. His recent interview with Dan Rather on the AXS channel was a master class on not getting pinned down. Nonetheless, I watch it. Probably even shell out for the DVD. I need help.

    I also need a live show from Osaka 1971 and at least one from Earls Court 1975.
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    Bob Dylan is probably more elusive than Plant and Jagger put together.

    Still, I'm interested in the doc.

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    This is fairly typical of Page interviews.

    Polite but nothing illuminating. Lots of 'no', 'not really' etc. And this is a real gem:

    Q)On to these final three albums – Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda. Would it be fair to say that these cover the most trying times in Zeppelin’s career?

    A)I suppose you could say that, couldn’t you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerjo View Post
    at least one from Earls Court 1975.
    I'm familiar with the 24th May show and other than a shaky start from Plant/Page, it's pretty spectacular.
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    One topic that is never raised but would be fascinating hear about is Page's heroin addiction. It seems to have started around the "Physical Graffiti" time and he was a full blown addict by "Presence". It's shocking to see his physical transformation from '76 to '80. It also seems to have really messed with his playing and creativity. John Paul Jones and Plant seem to be the driving force behind "In Through the Out Door".

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    ^The Guardian interview I mentioned above, the interviewer repeatedly tried to bring that period up and was expertly swatted away by Page.


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