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Thread: TV documentary about Conny Plank

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    TV documentary about Conny Plank
    Depending where you live you can see until July 19 the documentary about German sound engineer Conny Plank. ( either in German or French)
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    Cool, I'll go for that ASAP, thx

    I understand that the new Romantic Warrior about Krautrock also speaks about his works in some kind of length
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    It's actually not exactly the same. 'The Potential Of Noise'(2017) was a feature film that first came out in certain movie theatres and was then released on DVD. The French/ GermanTV channel Arte shortened the film slightly ( 5 minutes) and changed the title for contractual reasons I suppose 'Mon Pere Conny Plank, révolutionnaire du son', but you can watch it for free until the end of July
    Dieter Moebius : "Art people like things they don’t understand!"

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    Just watched it (had "taped" it from Arte last Friday) and loved it. Funny to see a piece of Freur doing Doot Doot and hear Karl Hyde talk about working with Plank. (Plank didn't actually produce this lovely track, but came up with important ideas.)


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