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Thread: IZZ To Release New Album "Don't Panic"

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    IZZ To Release New Album "Don't Panic"

    New York-based progressive rock ensemble, IZZ, is set to release their new studio album Don't Panic on May 21, 2019.

    Centered around the 18+ minute epic, “42,” Don't Panic bears all the hallmarks of what has made IZZ one of the brightest lights in the US progressive rock scene. The band's 9th studio album reveals a fresh, new energy evidenced immediately by the title track's driving bass and catchy hooks to the unpredictable musical twists of “Age of Stars” to the instrumental tour-de-force that is “Moment of Inertia” to the exquisite classical guitar piece, “Six String Theory.” Don't Panic represents a step out of the ordinary and into the unexpected.

    The 18 minute-long “42” displays the band in full force as all four vocalists, Anmarie Byrnes, Laura Meade, John Galgano, and Tom Galgano, create melodies and harmonies around the intersecting and connected sections of the piece while guitarist Paul Bremner, and drummers, Greg DiMiceli and Brian Coralian bring the song's powerful, dynamic, and emotional arrangement to life.

    Watch the promotional video for IZZ's new album Don't Panic:

    Don't Panic will be available for purchase on iTunes, at, and at your favorite online retailers as well as on all streaming music services on May 21, 2019.

    IZZ will be performing in support of the release of Don't Panic at the Terra Incognita Festival in Quebec City the weekend of May 18-19 and at the New Jersey Proghouse the weekend of June 15-16. More information on these live performances is available on the IZZ website:

    Track Listing:

    1. Don't Panic
    2. 42
    3. Six String Theory
    4. Moment of Inertia
    5. Age of Stars


    Paul Bremner: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
    Anmarie Byrnes: Vocals
    Brian Coralian: Electronic & Acoustic Drums and Percussion
    Greg DiMiceli: Acoustic Drums and Percussion
    John Galgano: Bass Guitar, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Tom Galgano: Keyboards, Vocals
    Laura Meade: Vocals

    For booking and all other inquiries contact Doone Records:
    Twitter and Instagram: @izzmusic

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158,

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    éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é Don Arnold's Avatar
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    Cool! Love all the Izz catalog and looking forward to this new one. Izz has been wonderfully consistent over the years.

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    Looking forward to it. I believe someone (Laura?) recently released a solo album as well, which I'm also behind on. I do like this band.
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    éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é Don Arnold's Avatar
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    ^^ Laura Meade's solo album, Remedium, came out last year and it's very good. Although the Izz DNA is present, this album has her own stamp on it. Less "full sounding" than the band discs, but not in a negative way. As always with her, the vocals are excellent.

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    Great news!!! We'll be at both shows to see them.


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    Number ONE on Amazon indie rock charts?!?!?! By ANY measure, congratulations!


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