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Thread: PE wine dork thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sputnik View Post
    Valpolicella is such an under-rated wine in North America. This one sounds lovely, I'm going to make note and look around for it. Good call!

    Tonight we're having a La Cattura Tuscan red with lamb. It is 90% teroldego, 10% syrah, unusual for Tuscany, but not for this little region, which I gather is closer to the coast. We've had this before, but never with lamb, so if this is a good pairing we're going to get more.

    There are many different qualities of Valpolicella. The cheap, mass-produced Valpolicella Classico can be pretty forgettable (or memorable for its awfulness). You really need to step up to Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso before it's enjoyable (for me, at least). Amarone della Valpolicella is wonderful, but is often priced beyond my means. A good daily drinker for me (made from the same Corvina grape as Valpolicella) is Allegrini Palazzo della Torre, usually available for around $18 per bottle.

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    Let me just say, that Giraud was absolutely exquisite. What an outstanding wine. It was $60, but I'd pay twice that (seriously), and of course you would pay twice that at a restaurant. At times, it almost had a liqueur characteristic in the nose and in the taste. It was 16% alcohol, but it didn't ever come across as boozy. A HUGE recommendation from me on this one. Here it is at their own website:
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    I don't drink... vine.

    I do however revel in phonetic pronunciation of wine types.

    Seriously though, I have heard all my life that if I hadn't found a red wine I enjoy its because I hadn't tried an expensive enough wine. I can tolerate some white wines, but the only wine I really care for is a late harvest riesling. I was on an ocean cruise a couple of years ago and I tried a really expensive merlot. Also an expensive pinot noir. Nope. Nada.

    Is there no hope for me?


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