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Thread: Kinks "To The Bone" circa 1994

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    Kinks "To The Bone" circa 1994

    Any fans? Leave it to The Kinks to make a brillant final "unplugged/live in the studio" 2 LP/CD tour de force as their swan song...largely un-noticed. Deep cuts/acoustic versions alternated with greatest hits- and a couple stadium rockers from the 93/94 tours. Essential along with "The Kink Chronicles".

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    First actual Kinks CD I bought. It did not disappoint.
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    I thikn that was around the time I saw them on The Tonight Show, though if I remember correctly, it was just Ray and Dave playing with the house band. They did a song about their sibling rivalry, I think, along with Waterloo Sunset.
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    It was done well. Not my favorite. I understand why it is loved.

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    Surprised I missed this thread. For me, this was a must-have. Several outstanding performances on this set, particularly "I'm Not Like Everyone Else" and "Days". The former should be the mission statement of anyone with artistic ambitions and the later, with the acapella intro, is just heartbreaking. And Ray pretty much makes clear that "Come Dancing" is a single entendre.
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    I love this album, especially coming on the heals of Phobia. Dropped from the face of the earth after that. Don't recall why.

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    Basically, after playing one last concert for Dave's 50th birthday (at the location of their first concert as the Kinks), the brothers Davies went their separate ways. Each released an autobiography and did solo touring. In recent years there is some sign of life though and Ray has said that he, Dave, and Avory are recording a new album together...
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