Hello! This Sunday 4/14/19 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virgina The Prog-Rock Diner is serving up more 'A's with Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, Arsnova (Japan), Ars Nova (US) and Armonite. Paul's tasty treats include: Tim Hodgkinson, Camberwell Now and Sun Ra. Please join us if you can! Thank s for listening. Here's a playlist summary:

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - The Hymn - Kingdom Come
Arsnova - Morgan - The Goddess of Darkness
Arsnova - Mother - Lacrimaria
Ars Nova - Pavan For My Lady - Ars Nova
Ars Nova - General Clover Ends A War - Ars Nova
Armonite - Pensieri - Inuit
Armonite - Mishram - Inuit
Armonite - EOS Aurora - Inuit
Ars Nova - I Wrapped Her In Ribbons - Ars Novs

Tim Hodgkinson - Mala: Elated - Pragma
Tim Hodgkinson - Black Death & Errors In Construction - Pragma
Tim Hodgkinson - Repulsion - Pragma
Camberwell Now - Resplash - All's Well
Sun Ra - Disco 3000 - Disco 3000 (excerpt)