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Thread: Lee Michaels Doc 1971

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    Lee Michaels Doc 1971

    Far out man...mainstay of the West Coast late 60's hippy scene.

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    Used to like spinning his LIVE LP (I think it had little window cutouts on the cover)...long gone by now...haven't heard it in decades now.
    G.A.S -aholic

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    Looks like I'm going to have check him out. I always liked the groove of his big hit and knew he had a bit of a following. But, I never really heard anything else and really like what I'm hearing in this video.

    I'll have to look for the live release.

    BTW, this should be in the Off-Topic Forum
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    - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

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    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Always thought his drummer was a big red headed guy. I guess not from this video. Huh, don't know where I got that from.

    The whole thing with wild animals is kinda weird. I'd be scared of an animal that can eat me.
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