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Thread: The Most Expressive Instruments

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithmaclroz View Post
    The most expressive instrument is the human voice. Music has so many different forms and styles, but it all comes down to the human voice
    Before Bach perfected the western musical scale in 1733, instrumental music was written only in the keys of C, G, D, F, Bb, and their relative minors. More complex keys sounded out of tune. More complex keys were however used for acapella music. Well trained singers could compensate the pitch of their voices to sound in tune.
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    The human being is the source for any musical expression and the closer the human is to the sound generation, the more possibilities for expression there are...

    - The voice, of course
    - Most reed instruments, though some are quite limited due to their design...
    - Fingerboard stringed instruments, bowed and plucked
    - Percussion - hands on, then sticks...
    - The piano, interestingly very limited on paper, but harmonically the most versatile
    - The synthesizer - "Nothing get old as fast as a new sound..." The pendang of the piano - "limitless" on paper but surprisingly flat and lifeless in the hands of most but a few really skilled players.
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