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Thread: Galviston Texas?

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    Galviston Texas?

    Thought I would throw this out here. I am going to be in Galviston Texas next week and wondering if anyone here has any experience there as far as things to do, good restaurants / bars, breweries or whatever. I have already looked up the usual stuff on the internet, but if there are any locals or anyone who has been there that has the inside scoop on anything I would be interested in any additional information.

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    Been to Galveston many times, mostly doing cruise ships so staying a day or two in town. not a lot to do that isn't standard restaurants like Saltgrass. I haven't been to any live music venues, though there are street players around who can be occasionally interesting. The boardwalk is always a good time if its open.

    Sorry I haven't got anything specific to mention. I have always just done the basic obvious things.
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