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Thread: What web browser are you using?

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    ^^ I didn't even know they made it for Windows. Apparently, they stopped several years ago.
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    Yep Opera for me too for about the last 3-4 years - hate Safari with a passion and Chrome seemed to just suck in malware with every click.

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    The thing I like about Firefox is they still have the feature where you can cascade your bookmarks/favorites down the left side. It's essential for my morning comics read.
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    Kah-ROAM! IE when necessary. Never, ever Edge.
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    You should be able to burn a DVD with Windows File Explorer, but to play it back you'll need a 3rd party program like VLC, as markwoll mentioned.

    I looked at that yesterday, and got the songs loaded into the window, and then couldn't figure out how to burn them or where the burn button was. I right clicked the mouse and saw it said: burn. But it sent everything to the Windows Media Player. So any tips. At any rate, yes, I've got the VLC too, and works good. I

    I think what happened is when Microsoft did its upgrade, it jimmied up WMP, at least I've read where others were having similar problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippypants View Post
    Here's an article I ran into today, which rates various browsers. Some I'd never heard of. I was using Firefox pretty exclusively, and then it updated some time back and got a bit wonky. I think it finally ironed itself out. I also bought a new computer a few months back which is an Acer one of their budget models off Amazon. I wished I had stayed with Dell as you can tell slight differences in quality. For example the DVD burner in the Acer feel more like a laptop burner--not a huge deal breaker, but worth noting.

    Curious to know what brand computer you're using as well. Thanks. Just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hippypants View Post
    There seems to be many theses days. I was using both Internet Explorer and also Firefox. I had heard IE isn't very safe for web browsing. What are you using these days, and why?
    Yup, Zilla/Fox at home (it's got my trust) and IE at work (it's more or less encouraged by our ICT)

    Quote Originally Posted by NogbadTheBad View Post
    I try to live as far away as possibe from that thing (though I will admit that I can't live virtually without Youtube)

    I still have to expluse Google out of my laptop at every defrag and Cookie Cleaning session, because the buuger/pests keep imposing themselves back

    Quote Originally Posted by progmatist View Post
    Chrome is going to have the best real time spell check, for posting to forums such as this. Google just has a knack for knowing what you mean to type, versus what you actually type.
    I hate that because it corrects my french into english... too stupid to realize that I'm not writing english.

    Quote Originally Posted by hippypants View Post
    Microsuck Edge.

    I guess Gates has better things to do these days, I guess he's got his...
    I used to flee µsoft in the early 00's whenever I could and favoured Google, but nowadays, the awful bad guys are the latter, so I'd prefer trusting back the former.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trane View Post
    I hate that because it corrects my french into english... too stupid to realize that I'm not writing english.
    Yes, there are times it can drive one bat shit crazy...pardon my French.
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    Chrome and on rare occasions, Edge, when necessary. I've read about a number of alternatives, but haven't used any. I haven't used IE for years.
    I have a Dell that's less than three years old, with 10 on it, of course. Works.


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