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Thread: Some Grateful Dead stuff

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    Some Grateful Dead stuff

    I've got each of these cued up to where the good stuff starts. This first one is the 40 minute finale to the 4/26/69 Electric Theater Chicago show. Basically, you're talking about an 18 minute Viola Lee Blues which segues into a 20 minute Feedback (with the tape of What's Become Of The Baby? tossed in, the only time I'm aware of that they did that), before ending with a short We Bid You Goodnight:

    Here's the big Dark Star/Stella Blue/Eyes Of The World/Weather Report Suite suite from 10/30/73, Kiel Auditorium, St Louis. I love the way Stella Blue segues into Eyes Of The World. This has some of my favorite guitar tones from Jerry, who had just switched to playing Wolf, the first of the Doug Irwin guitars he would play regularly for the next 20 years:

    And here's the infamous FM broadcast, from the SNACK benefit at Kezar Stadium, 3/23/75. What does the Dead do when faced with the possibility of playing before thousands of people who have maybe never heard them, via a live radio broadcast? Why, they get weird and drop a 32 minute, work in progress instrumental on the unsuspecting listeners, that's what! This is a pretty cool performance, with Merle Saunders and Ned Lagin sitting in:

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    Been doing a huge Dead re-listen and enjoying it immensely. Thanks for the clips!
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    Did you ever get that CD where all the songs were just different versions of Dark Star? Pretty good. So was Infrared Roses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippypants View Post
    Did you ever get that CD where all the songs were just different versions of Dark Star?
    Dop you mean Grey Folded? That was much more than just "multiple versions of Dark Star". It was more like a double CD super mega mashup. Although there's multiple track titles and indexing, it's basically two big mashups, done by plunderphonic musician John Oswald. YOu've got things like a 22 year old Jerry trading solos with his 40 year old stuff, etc. The recording ricochets across much of the band's career, with a choir of Jerry's singing the vocals, etc. He got the reverb on the end of disc one by playing it back through a speaker in the attic of his studio, at four times normal speed. Then when he played back the re-recorded version, he got four times the normal reverb, recreating an effect similar to transitioning from a soundboard tape to an audience tape.

    ANd yes, both Grey Folded and Infrared Roses are awesome. Just the thing for those of us who grew tired decades ago of the sub-bar band quality cover tunes. I can't believe people were complaining about the official releases that were missing a few songs, because that's what you want to pay for, more feeble renditions of Merle Haggard and Marty Robins compositions (or even less than memorable renditions of some of the band's own original material, like Ramble On Roses and Tennessee Jed) when you could easily dump all that stuff and make room for more jams and improvisations.

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    Greyfolded and Infrared Roses are indeed sooper awesome.

    IR was one of the few discs (less than 5) i ever lost moving - don't know where it went but this thread is a good impetus to replace it.
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    I'm not lazy. I just work so fast I'm always done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana5140 View Post
    Yeah, I was thinking of doing a radio show commemorating the anniversary of the Fillmore West run (there were actually four nights, February 27-March 2), but I can't find my copy of the 2/27 second set, which apart from has the full Mountains Of The Moon/Dark Star/St Stephen/The Eleven sequence from that night (only the last minute of Mountains Of The Moon made it onto Live/Dead, and The Eleven on the album is from actually from a show about a month earlier at the Avalon).

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    Well, I got sick of always missing out on those limited edition releases Grateful Dead Inc (or whatever the actual name of their "company" is) has been putting out in recent years, so I splurged and bought the Pacific Northwest '73-'74 box. This is a 19 CD set, 6 complete shows, recorded in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland (one show from each city per year). I've only listened to the first two so far, but they're awesome. The box comes in a large box decorated to look sort of like a Native American totem thingy of some sort. Looks really cool.

    So here's the second set suite from Vancouver '73, He's Gone/Truckin'/The Other One/Wharf Rat:

    And here's the Dark Star/Eyes Of The World/China Doll from Portland, a couple nights later:

    And just for the frell of it, because it came up in the Youtube search, and because the quota says I can have a third video here, is the Weather Report Suite that ended the first set on 10/18/74 (yes, an outtake from the Grateful Dead Movie shoot):

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    Here's the second set suite from 6/28/74, Boston Garden:

    Most of the second set from 9/11/74 Alexandra Palace:

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    The Watkins Glen soundcheck jam:

    2/15/73 Dane County Coliseum, Madison Wisconsin, Dark Star/Eyes Of The World/China Doll:

    4/8/72 Empire Pool London, Dark Star/Sugar Magnolia (as excerpted on the Glastonbury Fayre album):

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    2/13/70 Fillmore East Dark Star/That's It For The Other One:

    3/1/69 Fillmore West:


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