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Thread: North Atlantic Oscillation new album Grind Show

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    North Atlantic Oscillation new album Grind Show

    this has been out since november but, so far, seems to have flown below the radar. not released on k-scope this time but by themselves via musicglue.

    has anyone heard it besides myself? i profess to be a bit of a NAO/SAND fanboy but, as of yet, am a bit unsure what to make of it. early verdict: NAO and SAND are slowly morphing into one entity under the aegis of sam healy (NAO are grabbing off SANDs electronica and, in turn, forfeit their post rock thunder a bit) and, thus, one of these may be rendered superfluous sometime soon.

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    Thanks! I have all of the NAO/SAND, but neither the latest NAO nor the latest SAND really got my attention. I'll still check out this new one.


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