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Thread: Your Best Prog Sounding Album ?

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    It's been a while since a bought any new stereo equipment but my usual discs to listen to in the sound room were

    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - MFSL
    Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

    and just about anything I had from the Telarc label
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    I will turn to (on CD) Donald Fagen's "The NightFly" when testing a setup, IGY always hits the spot. I was in a HiFi shop once and heard a super sounding blues tune, turned out it was "Tin Pan Alley" by Steve Ray Vaughan off the "Couldn't Stand The Weather" album, bought the CD because it sounded so good.

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    A couple of records I re-listened to recently ( all on vinyl)
    Steve Reich : Music For 18 Musicians ECM, amazing spatial sound
    Genesis : Second's Out , ( French Pressing)very clear fat live sound
    Zappa : Uncle Meat ( German Pressing)a bit thin , but very clear and spatious
    Miles Davis : In A Silent Way (Re-Issue , High Res Re-issue) clear and spatious
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    On original vinyl:

    Supertramp - Crime of the Century
    Yes - The Yes Album
    Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses
    Bruford - One of a Kind


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