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Thread: I published a novel - lets make it the literary event of our times

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    I published a novel - lets make it the literary event of our times

    ...or at least I hope you'll take a read, and perhaps buy a copy (the Kindle version should be available very soon).

    In mid 2018 I posted here on PE asking musicians about realistic scenarios for aging musicians losing their dexterity. As a non-musician, I received a lot of great suggestions (thanks!) on that topic, many of which have been incorporated into the book (one of the central characters tries to take solace in his stoner/psych music while his life falls apart, only to find that his guitar technique is diminishing too).

    Krautrock and Rypdal are both referenced, as is the psychedelic Thai Molam sound. Cambodian temple art and architecture gets a stage as well. But more than that it's just a damn good story, including a small helping of anti-Canadian rhetoric (I can do that, I'm Canadian). It is also the only current novel, to the best of my knowledge, to employ the phrase 'honeyed badger tit'.

    Unlike musicians who promote/link their works here, where it might take listeners 5 minutes to an hour to render a verdict, reading a novel can takes days-weeks. So forgive me if I bump it once or twice. Any questions or comments are welcome, of course.

    You can take a glance here

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    This looks intriguing! You could say that you and I are kindred spirits of a sort since I've lived in Korea for 23 years now and am married to a Korean. There's just something about Asia and Korea in particular that keeps me rooted here. I also lived in Taiwan for just over a year in 1999-2000. Recently I've been going back and forth to Shandong province in China for some music workshops as both a teacher (Native American-style flute) and a student (handpan). I've also taught English as a foreign language and other subject to many Japanese students as well as some from Thailand and Cambodia, and there are currently a lot of students from Vietnam at the university where I work. I'm endlessly fascintated with their perspectives on the world, how it is changing, and new developments within their respective countries.

    It's commendable that you actually stayed in the countries where your novel takes place for the sake of authenticity (and even more so that your wife was cool with that!) Let me know when the Kindle version is available, and I'll definitely pick it up. This will be refreshing since I haven't read novels for many, many years despite having been an English Literature major in university. These days, it's been audiobooks for me pretty much exclusively (history, science, music-related stuff, religion/philosophy, and current issues). I'll definitely give yours the old-fashioned sit down in a quiet spot with a cup of tea or coffee. It'll be a good way to pass the winter break here. Anyway, big congratulations to you! I wish you much success with your new novel. Cheers ~ Bruce

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    I'm not much of a novel reader, truth be told, but I wish you much success with this endeavor.
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    Hey Mike - Looks fasntazzik! I'm putting it on my evergrowingandshrinking toread list.
    Maka ki ecela tehani yanke lo!

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    Thanks for the encouraging and positive comments all. I hope the book lives up to your expectations. I’ll put a note out when the Kindle version appears.

    K Bruce -

    Indeed the book should appeal to someone with a background, and a current life, like your own. I’m very interested in people who have developed mixed or multiple ethnic/cultural identities, whether by choice or happenstance. This blending of identities is one of the story’s prominent themes, as is the zeitgeist one encounters when thrown out of ones cultural comfort zone. Almost anywhere in Asia can serve as a suitable backdrop for such scenarios. I chose Cambodia and Japan.

    Yes, my wife was a saint for letting me out to do the dirty work, very much in contrast to the paranoid Japanese wife who appears in the book. She did accompany me on the ‘notorious’ Pattaya leg however...

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    The US site for the book is here

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    As was requested, the Kindle version is now available. Please indulge.

    Umm, because I don't want to be that guy, the guy who keeps bumping his own thread because it's his product on display, I'll respond only when some question or response is posed or the nomination for the Pulitzer, movie rights etc. arise...

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    A revised edition of my novel has been published and I managed to win something called The Canada Book Awards with it. I’m still looking for feedback and reviews and will happily send an e-book to anyone on PE who might be interested in offering a review or feedback.

    By the way, the revised/updated book can be found here:


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