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Thread: Upcoming Mystery Concerts - 2019 (So Far)

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    Upcoming Mystery Concerts - Fall 2019

    I'll keep an up to date list of upcoming Mystery concerts here for people interested in seeing them live.

    Upcoming 2019 concerts:
    Date Venue City Country Notes
    17 October 2019 Epic Studios Norwich England Support by The Vagaband
    19 October 2019 Cultuurpodium Boerderij Zoetermeer Netherlands Opened by Moonrise
    20 October 2019 Die Kantine Cologne Germany Support by Fors
    21 October 2019 Meisenfrei Blues Club Bremen Germany Mystery headline
    22 October 2019 Musiktheater Piano Dortmund Germany Mystery headline
    23 October 2019 Musiktheater Rex Bensheim Germany Mystery headline
    24 October 2019 Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln Switzerland Support by Fors
    26 October 2019 Salle Maurice Leblond Pierres France Prog en Beauce
    9 November 2019 Petit Campus Montreal Canada Mystery headline
    10 November 2019 LaScène Lebourgneuf Quebec City Canada Mystery headline

    2015 Tour Promo:
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    Kind of takes all the mystery out of it, doesn't it?
    He did not know that the sword he'd hold, would turn his priceless empire into fool's gold...

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    Bump, fall dates announced.


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