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Another great RIO festival is over ...shorter so because I couldn't make it on thursday.. a bit sad note too : the reason the RIO took place in Bourgoin Jallieu was that the ROCKTIME association which had organized the RIO festivals until last year and had existed and organized concert s and festivals since 1990 ( and came out of a structure TRANSPARENCE going back to the 70s ) had ceased to exist.... I missed not so much the place but the athmopshere of all the people involved into ROCKTIME and the many volunteers that worked during the RIO festivals..btw apart from Michel Besset and his wife Henry the former president of ROCKTIME and Marie-Jo who did all the contracts were also PRESENT (pun intended) during the festival.

Being the party pooper I heard from several official sides that this year RIO in Bourgoin Jallieu was a one off... Josť Molina the director of Les Abbatoirs was helping out Michel and there won't be a RIO festival on a regular basis in Bourgoin Jallieu . Michel expressed a wish that the RIO flame could go on in other countries with the same spirit. Seen that a lot of visitors come already from quite far away this would'n t be a problem to do it elsewhere IMO It was really cold one night and I was talking with Yehuda and half joking I asked him to organize a RIO in Tel Aviv for sake of better weather, but actually why not ... and good news Akiko Nagai who works for DiskUnion Japan and had alreday organized a RIO Festival in TOKYO in 2014 will organize another one in February 2020 in Tokyo and it's more or les confirmed that PRESENT will be headlining.
POIL too