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Thread: JON ANDERSON: 1000 Hands

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    Eloquently stated. And Yes, I think you are actually correct that a nod can have a wider definition. It seems the use of "nod" is a little loosey goosey. Usually when I hear the term is when a solo includes a line lifted from another song, the piano solo in Donald Fagan's Ruby starts by lifting the melody from the Kink's "You Really Got Me".

    But an example of your point, I think its fair to say that the Beatles' "Back in the USSR" and Pink Floyd's "The Show Must Go On" are both nods to the Beach Boys style but with no direct quotes.

    I suppose there is a YMMV element to this? I never drew the connection of “First Born Leaders” to “Don’t Forget (Nostalgia)”, or “Makes Me Happy” to “Everybody Loves You", so the use of nod took me by surprise.
    Okay, that'll be enough of that! We won't have any politely agreeing around here. Move on.
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    Jon Anderson 1000 hands tour Capitol Theater Clearwater, Fl May 8th review:

    Just thought I'd share our evening last night for the Jon Anderson show.
    I won't go in to great detail, as I like to sit back and just enjoy the show rather than trying to remember what I will say the next day in my review, besides my memory ain't that great anymore. lol
    I was greatly surprised how great the band sounds, despite my earlier comments about the early audience videos reminding me of a Las Vegas Revue. They are far from that and very tight and sound wonderful. In fact this goes in our memory banks as one of our all time favorite concerts.
    The Capitol Theater is an old theater from the 1920's that has been lovingly restored and I would say it probably holds around 800 people, maybe more. It's a very intimate venue and the acoustics are very good.
    Show started on time at 7:30 and the band played a 2 hour set with 1 hour, a break and then the second half. The second half opened with a semi-acoustic set for about 3-4 songs and then kicked in with the absolute BEST version of Starship Trooper I have ever heard. If you're a Yes purist, then some of the rework of classic Yes songs may disturb you, but we found them all to be done tastefully while still respecting the lineage of the song. But hearing the songs arranged a bit differently brought a freshness to them that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Jon's voice sounds fantastic, although he was fighting a cold and it got a bit husky at times and he mentioned having a couple frogs in his throat and if he hit a few wrong notes he apologized but said when he did, he knew it before we did. He made it though both sets and sounded fine.

    The visual backing on the wall behind them is perfect. Very tasteful images that project the vibe of whatever song they were playing. I found the stage show to be perfect, a perfect combination of visual (without overkill) and music together.

    The new songs sound great live, enough so, that we will probably wind up buying the album.

    I can't say enough how great Jon and this band sound. We saw Yes last year, and I think this band now that they've had enough shows under the belt have the sound, arrangements down perfectly, and at times rival anything I saw or heard from last year's Yes show.

    I don't know how many more shows they're playing on this tour, but if you like Jon's vocals and songs, as well as Yes, do yourself a favor and get tickets, you won't regret it.
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    Anyone going to see Jon perform at KAABOO in Dallas this Sunday?


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