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Thread: CDs for Sale on eBay (new or like-new condition)

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    CDs for Sale on eBay (new or like-new condition)

    Few CDs for Sale on eBay (new or like new condition)
    All of them are mini paper sleeve LP replicas.

    The auctions end next Sunday - Dec 23rd. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

    Thanks for looking,
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    I think there's a problem with your link because it's showing me golf clubs! LOL
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    9 eBay auctions will end in 24 hours.
    ELP, Gentle Giant x4, Haikara, Latte E Miele, Biglietto Per L'Inferno, Still Life - brand new or like new CDs in Mini LP paper sleeve covers

    Thank you for looking.

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    Reading the blurb on the Haikara CD - do storks really fly that high? --Peter

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    I guess it depends what you like. In my personal opinion Storks fly high. I would put s/t album in my Top 5 progressive rock albums from Finland, together with:
    Wigwam - "Fairyport"
    Tasavallan Presidentti - "Lamberland"
    Finnforest - s/t
    Kalevala - "People No Names"

    I am selling it only because I bought another, Japanese Mini LP edition.

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    I listed few new titles on ebay today. The auctions end in 5 days.
    There is even 1 Proto-prog album, so popular on PE.
    The album was 14 on PE Top 100 Proto-prog albums poll!


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