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    Satan's Sluts

    In reality, we have two bass players so I guess we could possibly pull off Big Bottom.

    But we ain't real, we are just doing this for Helloween.I've got the shirt, the jacket, the jeans but I need help with the makeup part. I was thinking Dee Snider or early Motley Crue style but I'm not sure what would fit my ugly mug.

    It's gotta be '80's hair metal so I don't know where to go with this especially since I don't have my wig yet.

    Should I get a bandana with Satan's Sluts on it? How much studs and leather do I need? Should I cut up some women's naughties like Twisted Sister did?

    I lived and grew up in that era and still don't have very much clue how to recreate it. I think everything will fall into place with the wig but I need ideas.

    At first thought it was right! Then I thought a little more and whoa, if we are going the whole nine yards, this has to be done right.

    Spandex pants? Since I'm the drummer of the band should the singer have a boa feather? I've got my sticks but since I'm the drummer no one cares about him, it's all about the guitar player and singer.

    How the hell they figured all this out BITD is rather amazing. Should I use Aqua Net?

    Just realized I have skeleton earrings and a skull earring. Think I'll have to go with one of either. Crikey, now this whole earring thing has me confused, should I wear the skull in the left or right ear.
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