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    Prog Podcasts / Video Channels

    I ' m looking to enhance my journeys home at the end of the day with some good Prog reviews/podcasts .

    The two that have popped up initially are the Podcast Prog Report and Darren Locke Prog Review YT channel. Can anyone tell me more or say whether these two are good?

    Initially it looks like Darren has a sort of flippant, jokey style but he has a large number of episodes. I also noted a very avant guard but also Prog leaning Dereck Higgins, any thoughts recommendations welcome. Thanks.

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    I'm not a fan of Darren Locke's stuff. He spends too much time playing to the camera and is anything but concise. Many of his video podcasts seem to be more about him than the music he is supposed to be reviewing. Certainly, there are some people who like him, but I don't count myself among them. YMMV.

    Nakedly Examined Music is a great site. While not specifically about prog, it looks into the creative processes of a very wide spectrum of songwriters and musicians by getting each to describe selected pieces in detail. Among the more familiar artists you can find episodes featuring Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett, Trey Gunn, Bill Bruford, Michael Manring, Annie Haslam, and Bill Bruford.
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    Prog Line is a great YouTube channel. It features many rare and obscure albums, which if available for purchase, would be quite expensive.
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    There is a podcast of KScope Podcast featuring reviews of KScope artists.
    Music in Widescreeen is a re-broadcast podcast of Mark and Rayna's review of recent Neo-Prog and heavy progrock.
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