Hollow Branches are not prolific. Ideas develop, pass like clouds on a lazy day, and are forgotten. Sometimes the clouds bring rain and ideas develop enough to be cultivated and harvested.
"It is evening, but evidence of the day can still be seen" was written late in 2017 and recorded over the first half of 2018. The lyrics, as they always do, developed slowly. At first a poem concerning a solitary child enamored with the natural world grew to address a growing unease for what many feel has become a very dark time in America’s midlife.
As has been the case for much of their history, Robert and Marius recorded their respective parts thousands of miles apart in their personal studios. "It is evening…"was mixed by Marius while mastering engineer Jason Walton brought sonic clarity to the mix at Earth in Sound Studios, Portland, OR.
Now available as a free (pay-what-you-want) download from our Bandcamp, and streaming across all the usual suspects.
Hollow Branches - It is evening but the evidence of day can still be seen (final).jpg