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Thread: Light prog fan

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    I think the subtext is rapidly becoming text.

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    Lots of recs here....

    my tastes mirror yours to some degree (then again, all of our tastes do, to SOME degree).

    I will not give you a list. I will merely recommend that you should definitely check out Anglagard. Hybris, or, really, any of their albums....or, especially, the live video release they did.
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    Faust - s/t?
    If it isn't Krautrock, it's krap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalkpie View Post
    Faust - s/t?
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    I can't even imagine a prog fan being 'picky'...shudder to think.

    Perhaps Anthony Phillips -The Geese and the Ghost would be a good listen for a Selling England fan.
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    Then you should check out The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard and Transatlantic (which has one member from both TFK and SB).
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    Off topic, but I find it odd how long it took you to find this forum! One of the first things I did when getting on the internet circa 1999 was search out forums where I could discuss the good ol' days of 70's prog and was pretty much stunned to find out that bands had sprung up in the 90's to fan the flames of prog again! That led me to here and several other places, and a CD buying binge! Anyway, enjoy your search for some new music...
    "Moustache stays right where it's at" - Clutch


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