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Thread: Cuneiform weekly sales on BandCamp

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    All Miriodor albums are good to great. This is certainly one of the great ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCC View Post
    Okidoki Ian, Steve!
    Look what I found ... nice!.
    ^ ^ ^

    I hadn't seen that clip. That's the current version of the lineup.
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    What A Gem!!
    A criminally underrated band!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedunno View Post
    All Miriador albums are good to great. This is certainly one of the great ones.
    Agreed. I prefer their earlier work personally, but of their later stuff, this is the top of the pile for moi.
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    Present - Triskaidekaphobie. (expanded / remastered)

    Fantastic album, a master piece IMO!.

    "This reissue of Triskaďdékaphobie includes the original album, newly transferred and remastered by the group's long-time engineer, Udi Koomran as well as the aforementioned 20' of bonus material!"

    "All tracks were digitally restored and remastered by Udi Koomran, and the CD booklet includes vintage photographs and a history of the band and Triskaďdékaphobie written by Aymeric Leroy and Renato de Moraes, making the package a must-have for fans of Present and Rock in Opposition-style avant-prog.]"
    – All Music Guide.

    Thanks Guys!.

    GO and get it now Gang!!.

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    Pura Vida!.

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