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Thread: KING CRIMSON The ContruKction of Light DELUXE BOX

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkelman View Post
    I can't you have a blu day player attached to your computer? If so, I can tell you how to easily rip audio from blu rays. It's easy

    It's the first thing I do when i get blu day audio, like with the 23 live shows in the last crimson box. I rip 'em so I can put them on my DAP, which means I can listen in bed or when out of the house
    Yes, that's why BR-only material is next to useless around my house. I'll watch a video now and then, but listening is for the car/bus/train, walking, working, puttering around the house etc etc. I do the same thing with audio from DVDs often enough. I'm guessing the software for BR wouldn't be all that different, but my PC doesn't have a drive that can read them. It may or may not be something worth investing in in the future... or considering how much of the live ProjeKct material I've got, it may just be simpler to grab the remaining downloads when/if I do the 1000 Club thing.

    Still, thanks all the same. I'll be sure to ask if I get to that point and could use a hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    Sleeping at home is killing the hotel business!

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    "ContruKction of Light DELUXE BOX" - no wonder I had such a hard time finding this thread.

    Anyway, I got an e-mail from Burning Shed that the release date was bumped out to June 7th.


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