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    I like how he takes "Planet Caravan" (instead of f.e. "Sweet Leaf") as his main influence, spices it up with a doze of early B.O.C. keys and the acid haziness of desert rock. Definitely not your average stoner rock album.

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    Get pumped for some new ELDER coming April 24!

    For Omens, Elder strive to delve into sonic minimalism, focusing less on the epic and expeditious dynamics of their previous works.

    “To me, Omens is our most complete work to date: a set of songs that express the breadth of the band's collective influences,” explains singer/guitar player Nick DiSalvo. “After recording The Gold & Silver Sessions EP, it felt like we fully scratched the itch to explore our minimalist side, taking a step back from the proggy song structures and heavy guitar work of our previous records and just letting the music drift along."

    He continued, "When beginning to work on Omens, the goal was to integrate these two tendencies in the band - to make a modern day progressive rock record, but also to take time to jam and float when need be. Most importantly, I feel the spirit of adventure in our music is alive and well, and we missed no opportunity to bring in a whole new arsenal of sounds to the record.”
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    Got a note from Small Stone Records about a new album coming from Lord Fowl. Checked out the sample song and liked it, found out they have two albums already that I like a lot!! Some Thin Lizzy type twin guitar parts, some Kiss type riffing, two lead vocalists, some watery psychedelic guitars, some heavy The Sword type parts... I hear a lot of different stuff throughout all their tunes...

    "Moustache stays right where it's at" - Clutch


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