This is kind of weird (of me) but I'm FB friends with Anna Madsen and I don't know why. The only clue I can find is this:

"Her second full length album, Whisper, was released in March 2017,
distributed by Nova via Universal Music. The record features notable
appearances from Anthony Phillips of Genesis, Kate St. John of Dream
Academy, and drummers Jonathan Mover and Dave Mattacks."

Was she in a band, or just solo?

Not sure how I heard of her! Anyway, apparently she's taking a break from music and has joined the US Army. Good for her, I guess she knows what she wants. Here's her post from FB and her website:

To all my dear friends and fans,

Iíve chased the acquisition of fame for about five years now, and itís time for that chapter of my life to end for a moment. I love music and telling stories with all my heart, but Life has an interesting way of steering us into directions we did not originally anticipate. As Iíve gotten a little older, Iíve realized just how long life really is, and I have more to accomplish than just my dreams with music and the entertainment industry.

Like my ancestors before me, it is with great pride and honor, that I announce I have joined the United States Army, and will be serving my country for the next five years. While I serve, I will continue to write music (Iím working on a musical! WEE!) but I will remain somewhat quiet on social media while I take the time to better myself, and serve my country.

I love you all, and Iím grateful for all my experiences. Iíve been blessed. Thank you for your support. Everyone that came to shows, fellow colleagues who worked alongside me, and people who reached out and said my music touched them - thank you. This is not the end. I will be back, you can count on that. Cheers to the future.

If you want to follow me on my future adventures, donít hesitate to write me! You can find me via email, or you can visit my photography website to see visual autobiographical accounts of my life, and the people I run into.

For now, I bid you farewell. God be with you till we meet again.

Private Anna (Madsen) Jefferies